How to gain FFXIV gold in the game?

Making gold in FFXIV isn’t as difficult as you have thought. The right steps can help you find the top ways which can help you earn enough gold in the game. Please note that these aren’t some magical tricks that would work every time. Take them as rough pointers and depending on the server, you might need to perform some research yourselves.

Final Fantasy XIV

  1. Quests

Every adventurer likes to bring its first class up in these harsh environments. A number of quests will not only reward you Gil, but also give you a wonderful alternative to choose another item, specifically, Allagan Pieces, which may be traded for FFXIV gil. You would usually receive the quest reward cheaper on the Market, but make sure to check about the prices.

  1. Challenge log

When you attain level 15, you might be able to unlock the Challenge log by performing the quest “Rising to the Challenge”. The challenge log will provide you many challenges, a lot of them coming with a financial reward, and they reset once in a week. If you perform all the challenges at level 50, that simply means 50,000 Gil extra in the bank.

  1. Crafting

Next to it is crafting. The gift that will always give you. Some players just stop levelling their crafters, because it may prove out to be rather expensive, unless you farm everything that is required of you. However, it pays off ultimately. Producing low-level quality items will become a cinch, and other starters will prefer them to obtain their own craft levelled even rapidly.

  1. Gathering

This is a no-brainer. All that you need to do is pick up items, and pretty much all of it you can eventually sell. If you do have a crafting class, you may possibly find better selling items. Make sure to perform your research on the Market board.

  1. Dungeons

Dungeons are another great way to earn gold in the game. You can keep visiting the same dungeons over and over again to make some real gold in the game. And when you attain level 50, you will be able to make Tomestones, which can be exchanged for crafting materials, and at a very expensive price.

  1. Sell on Auctions

You may even choose to become FFXIV gil seller by selling your rare  items in auctions and earn even more. Gaining FFXIV gil in the game should not be a complicated task if you know the right tricks. Implementing these tricks, you can easily make enough gold in the game.


Power Leveling in Fantasy XIV has become easier

Here are some basics before you move on.

Leveling up in FFXIV

The leveling in FFXIV is pretty much similar to any other MMORPG game. Earlier before the launch, there was an issue about the leveling system being totally different from the other games in this row, however, really once you get inside the game you will be able to see that it isn’t even that different.The only distinction is that with FFXIV you will generally go to a camp and get the main leveling quests which are known as Leves. There is certain types of time restraints to these quests and you will be able to set the difficulty level as per your requirements before you start playing. The higher the difficulty level, the more XP you will be able to get.So as you can assume it as the same sort of thing as the other MMORPG’s you have played so far.

Leveling in FFXIV Has Become Easier

Now let’s read out the following tips to level faster in the game.

How to level fast in FFXIV?

Learn and keep learning: It would be a great idea to join a few forums when you are jusy beginning in the game. And since you are able to chat about the game with the other players, you can pick ample tips on leveling fast in the game. The downside however is that you will have to make your name in the community before they start giving you the secrets however in the long run it really is worth it for all the knowledge you can gain. Don’t forget about money: The money that you acquire in the game, make sure that you always have enough of it. It wasn’t really that easy after making good progress with the leveling in the game. I had to get back and learn crafting to augment my Gil gaining ability.

If you don’t do this, you will not be able to have the best weapons and the armor, so make sure to focus on your professions as well as leveling up.

Plan your route: This is very critical. Make sure that you plan your route before you begin leveling since the game is really open ended and if you don’t do this you may end up being lost and the game can eventually become a hard work for you.However in case you have excess of FFXIV Gil, you can sell them to a renowned FFXIV Gil seller online and gain some real money in exchange.