The Increasing Fame of Krono In Everquest 2

Recently, a new object, named Krono, has been introduced into the Everquest 2. The craze for Everquest 2 has increased tremendously among its fans after the introduction of Krono. However, do you know what it is? This article is to help those, who are listening the term Krono for the first time.

What are Krono?

Krono are in-game objects which can be redeemed for 30 days of membership time. You can buy them in the marketplace for real money or from other players. They can also be gained via private trade for in-game currency.


You may use Krono for several purposes, for trade, sell, or consume them. If you consume a Krono, it will be removed from your inventory and 30 days of membership time will be added to the account associated with the character that consumed it.

How costly it is to buy a Krono?

Krono are easily affordable and can be bought from SOE for US $17.99 or less. Players can use them to trade or sell them for in-game currency.

How to sell Krono?

To sell the Krono, you may advertise them in chat channels, post them for sale on the broker, trade them with another player or sell them directly in the marketplace.

In general, Krono are pretty much similar to drinking a potion in the game which will add 30 days of game membership time to the account associated with the character that used it. So far, the concept of Krono has worked fine for its fans and SOE might look forward to adding it to their other game as well.