How Can SWTOR Guides Help You?

SWTOR has long been a popular MMO that has gained a lot of attention from people all over the world. Pretty similar to many other MMOs, SWTOR has created a huge universe for players which they can explore as they level up, alongside end content once hitting the level cap.

A large MMO community enjoy playing the game and do everything they want to do in order to level up. To them the faster they build their character, the sooner they start beginning the fun. This is one good reason for why most people like to spend a lot of money to buy and sell SWTOR Credits and aslo look for ultimate guides available on the web.

Swtor credits

For these people, leveling guide is the need of the hour. Indeed, this might cost a little but when you consider the amount of time you’ve spent and the time you have saved using a SWTOR guide, you would feel relaxed knowing that your money is going in the way.

However when you have a leveling guide with you, you probably understand it can help you in many ways. A leveling guide is something that can help you follow the right path. The guide allows you to handle everything the way it should be handled, saving you a lot of time. Aside from that, the guide can help you find quests that would be worth spending time on. Most guides also enable you to go through written walkthroughs, or videos to know everything step by step. This will surely help you progress faster cutting time that it will take to hit the level cap.

Indeed, SWTOR guides may not be everyone. The person who would like to get instant boost then he can buy SWTOR credits for sale. However someone who want to save some time, SWTOR guides may be of significant help.


How to Sell SWTOR Credits?

In Since Star Wars – The Old Republic, you will need the required in-game currency. In this game, credits are the much needed currency you will require. In this guide, I will pen down certain ideas on how can you make credits in the game without having the need to buy them in the first place. Later on, if you found that you have earned enough of credits in the game, you can even choose to sell SWTOR credits to other players in the game.

SWTOR credits for sale

First of all, you will need enough credits in SWTOR, maybe more than what you would earn by qualifying for quests. When I used to play SWTOR, I had constanly faced trouble earning money. You need credits to shop for items, you need to shop for potions and you will also need credits to amplify your crafting skills. There are vendors inside the game that sell regenerative slim packs that offer bonuses to a character. While they might cost you heavily at times, they are quite useful when taking part in PvE. So here is what you will have to do in order to make credits in the game without having to grind.

1. Obtain the necessary crew skills for your comrade

Basically, there are three major skills you will need to gather such as gathering, crafting and mission. For instance, if you want to craft armor for your users, such as Sith or Jedi, you will have to acquire the Synthweaving crafting skill.

2. Do all kinds of daily quests

You can earn daily quests for both Space missions and Warzones. Although, it might be difficult to accomplish the Warzone one, as you are needed to triumph over a Warzone, the Space Mission one though is simple.

One thing that you will have to make sure about is don’t buy items from other players. You can have everything that others in your company own. Just dedicate some time and see the achievements.

SWTOR tips for beginners

Star Wars the Old Republic – Tips for beginners 2017

Star wars is a popular MMO and probably the biggest ever competitor of WoW. Create your SWTOR account on the gaming website and feel yourself indulged in the official MMO game. Enter your SWTOR key and get lost in the big wide universe of Star Wars. If you are having a hard time get into the world of SWTOR, find SWTOR Credits for sale online.

After Star Wars Galaxies, Old Republic is the second Star Wars, which many gaming fans and setting their hopes on to become a worthy competitor for the world’s most popular MMO WoW. The Star Wars license is a great precondition that for sure will generate interest among millions of Star Wars fans worldwide.

SWTOR was designed for Electronic arts by the RPG specialists, renowned experts in the RPG world who have created some of the biggest world successes, for instance, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, and many others. The foundation of the MMO Star Wars The Old Republic was outlined by Bioware themselves.

SWTOR tips for beginners 2017

The story of Star Wars – The Old Republic is set around 3000 years before the events in the renowned Star Wars movies. The Sith have driven out the Jedi from Coruscant and widely opened the gateway to lead the galaxy. In the SWTOR, a cold was goes on between the disciples of both light and the dark side of the Force. A fragile peace enables both sides regroup – however, which are the goals of the sith and their companions, and how can Jedi and their followers find their ground adjacent to them?

Decide your side: Look around for SWTOR credits as a smuggler or for power as a Sith warrior, take your Jedi into temptation and then to the dark side of the Force – you have the freedom to do almost anything you want in SWTOR. Play as a Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Trooper, Jedi Consular, or join the Empire and the dark side as a Sith Inquisitor, Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, or Bounty Hunter.

Each of the chapters that you undergo in SWTOR has its own individual experiences. After around 10 levels, it might be the right time to choose a specialization, taking you straight to the tanking, healing or dealing damage.

Every class in SWTOR chases its own goals within its personal store regardless of if your character is looking to make a fortune in SWTOR Credits, rule over the entire galaxy or provide peace and prosperity for all kinds of races in Star Wars universe, everything will be decided by you. SWTOR appreciates your decisions with light side or dark side points. In SWTOR, you may even act compassionate as a Sith or be ruthless as a Jedi.

Credits are extremely important in the game. However, if you have earned enough of them, you can sell SWTOR credits in exchange of real money.

How To Find the Best Leveling Guide in SWTOR?

Is there a way to speedily level your character in SWTOR? Great news, there is of course a way to level up fast. However, you will still have to finish quite a few quests and missions in order to reach there. There is no overnight method that can help you move instantly from level 1 to level 50, but you will be able to do it in just under a week.


SWTOR is a well known MMORPG game that can easily get fans of both Star Wars, and World of Warcraft excited. Many of the fans call it the best game ever released for the PC. You will have to finish missions and travel to remote planets all over the galaxy in order to obtain the highest level in the game, but is there a quicker way to complete all of the tasks in order to level as fast as possible?

There are several guides available that show you step-by-step what to do in order to arrive fast at level 50. However, not all of the guides are similar. I would advice getting a guide that provides full HD videos of the steps that you need to follow. It is a lot easier to watch someone do exactly how you are required to do rather than read about it and have queries in mind. So the only solution to move faster is, you are going to have a guide that offers HD videos and follow the steps that you are asked to do. You can easily get to advanced levels in the game without much of an effort.