How To Find the Best Leveling Guide in SWTOR?

Is there a way to speedily level your character in SWTOR? Great news, there is of course a way to level up fast. However, you will still have to finish quite a few quests and missions in order to reach there. There is no overnight method that can help you move instantly from level 1 to level 50, but you will be able to do it in just under a week.


SWTOR is a well known MMORPG game that can easily get fans of both Star Wars, and World of Warcraft excited. Many of the fans call it the best game ever released for the PC. You will have to finish missions and travel to remote planets all over the galaxy in order to obtain the highest level in the game, but is there a quicker way to complete all of the tasks in order to level as fast as possible?

There are several guides available that show you step-by-step what to do in order to arrive fast at level 50. However, not all of the guides are similar. I would advice getting a guide that provides full HD videos of the steps that you need to follow. It is a lot easier to watch someone do exactly how you are required to do rather than read about it and have queries in mind. So the only solution to move faster is, you are going to have a guide that offers HD videos and follow the steps that you are asked to do. You can easily get to advanced levels in the game without much of an effort.

Easy, Fast & Cheap Fifa 16 Coins, 3 Things is All you Need

Who don’t need cheap fifa 16 coins? Everyone wants a dream FIFA ultimate team comprising of stars, but affording the stars can end up in playing tons of season games (and winning them), gaining managerial abilities with transfers and beating other online players. But, these three things are rare to happen to a single player. Fortunately, there are even smart ways to get fifa 16 coins by which affording players like Messi and Neymar doesn’t feel like a debt toll.


  • Lot of Sellers, But few are genuine: Technically, there are only indirect methods of injecting money in official portals of FIFA 16. For instance, you can do it by selling a player, by creating accounts with different email addresses or with comfort trade. By the time i am writing this line, there will be a new seller online to put their bank account on a roll. But with security updates in FIFA 16, it’s hard to walk on the pitch with coins that are not labelled legal. Fortunately, sellers like are there to provide quick express delivery of coins with authentication. Use those coins as you have earned them through official game store. So, the competition brings a great advantage for the buyer, find the seller that is bargaining coins, read the reviews and if suitable, make a quick small buy through the methods of player auction, muller account or comfort trade. Once you have used those coins in fair deals, you have now a resource to buy cheap fifa 16 coins.
  • Use your Real game knowledge: If you know that a young player like Matteo Darmian is going to a big star in coming seasons and is available for transfer. Buy it before anyone else do it. Once the season is settled and people needs better defender within the season. You can even receive invites to sell your card. Asking for few more thousands will not make the deals than your base price.
  • Never Quit: There’s a reason that you get coins for a hard fought game even if you lose. The reason is your determination and zeal to win and that is the only thing FIFA 16 need you to do. Don’t quit the matches if you are running behind at half time or conceded in the 90th minute. Rather than receiving no coins at all, get a little less than what you would get with a win on a close loss. And if you win a game by coming from behind, your coin bag will be poured with extra FIFA 16 coins.

Playing fair is the name of sport, but reaching for few extra Fifa 16 coins at the start of season is always a boost to play more. So, make wise choices, trust only some authentic dealers like Mogs with instant delivery and secured transactions.

The Increasing Fame of Krono In Everquest 2

Recently, a new object, named Krono, has been introduced into the Everquest 2. The craze for Everquest 2 has increased tremendously among its fans after the introduction of Krono. However, do you know what it is? This article is to help those, who are listening the term Krono for the first time.

What are Krono?

Krono are in-game objects which can be redeemed for 30 days of membership time. You can buy them in the marketplace for real money or from other players. They can also be gained via private trade for in-game currency.


You may use Krono for several purposes, for trade, sell, or consume them. If you consume a Krono, it will be removed from your inventory and 30 days of membership time will be added to the account associated with the character that consumed it.

How costly it is to buy a Krono?

Krono are easily affordable and can be bought from SOE for US $17.99 or less. Players can use them to trade or sell them for in-game currency.

How to sell Krono?

To sell the Krono, you may advertise them in chat channels, post them for sale on the broker, trade them with another player or sell them directly in the marketplace.

In general, Krono are pretty much similar to drinking a potion in the game which will add 30 days of game membership time to the account associated with the character that used it. So far, the concept of Krono has worked fine for its fans and SOE might look forward to adding it to their other game as well.